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**Thank You For Visiting This Jazzy "Earth Friendly" Site**  
Here at AquaMuur Affiliates, we are committed to serving the immediate needs of you, your family and the now "Global Community" via Affiliates. Using universal principles 
of "Supporting Each Other", we offer practical tools and opportunities via affiliates both human and commercial for leading a joyous, supportive and abundantly peaceful & prosperous life. "We Are Dealing With All That Comes With "GLOBAL CHANGE"..., So Be Prepared By Having A Means To Survive Having To Relocate With The Means To Continue Making A Living Regardless Of Where You Find Yourself Landing". 
*Sites of North American Aboriginal interest: "Click Here" , "Here" & "Here" (It's Time For Global Awakening, Healing & Change)
**A way to participate in "Changing The Future Outcome"(CTFO)**
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*"During This Cycle Of Change It Can Get Dangerous Out There Folk's"(Be Safe)
(Prepare Your Mind's-"Just In Case"- To Move On)

"Let's Get Started via A Little MOtown Jazz"-"OOoooWEEE!!!!..."(A Muurish Queen)

 *"We Have To Change Our Paradigm As To How We Make A Living via Humans Supporting Humans via Technology". 
Don't lose your humanity behind the technology you use to make a living in this now "Cyber"/"Robotic" technology for a living world society. "Humanity First".....

*Alternative ways to keep in touch during these crucial "Changing Times".

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*"Survival & Emergency Preparedness Kits": "Here"

*ATTENTION-"Get An E.I.N. Number And Start A Business"*
To Everyone Worldwide Seeking To Offer A Service via The United States of America: "Be In The World But Not Of It" By Getting An EIN For Your Company, Getting A Bank Account For Your Company" And "Making All Commercial Transactions Thru Your Company (And Or Trust) Separating Your Personal Free National Life From The Statutory, Commercial(Identified via Z.I.P. Codes in the U.S.) Man Controlled World". See How Simple It Is By "Clicking Here" or "Here". Learn How An LLC(Limited Liability Company) Works "Here". (Z.I.P. Codes Do Not Identify A Republic Nation-"Look It Up Or Ask An Attorney To Provide Proof Otherwise Before Contracting")

*Work & Earn A Living via A Mobile Based "Earth Friendly" Internet Existence("Mother Earth Will Love You For It").
Wherever you may be on the planet expressing your talents, spiritual growth and path for change & progress, we at AquaMuur Affiliates support "Support One Another" global affiliates and services that give you avenues to fund your efforts from home or anywhere on the globe as the commercial world quickly becomes more and more "Cyber" and "Robotic". "Downsizing as well as offering less than 40hr workweeks without benefits", this is the pattern large corporations are now headed. To the corporations because of technology, employee's and humanity are now looked at as "Beast's Of Burden". "Retiring From A Corporation Is A Thing Of The Past"
* (Without Some Type Of Web Presence To Promote Your Existence / Talents / "What You Have To Offer The Now "Global Community", You're Going To Have Difficulties As The Change of The Ages Becomes More Pronounced). 
Once You've Created Your WebSite, See Why You Should Purchase A Site Domain "Here" .  

"At a time when many societies confront extremism, unemployment, and slow economic growth, entrepreneurship holds out the promise of opportunity, prosperity, and security".

"This order sets forth the administration and goals of several programs designed to connect American and foreign entrepreneurs with the Federal Government and promote entrepreneurship across the United States and around the world by sharing the knowledge, experience, and connectivity necessary to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs".

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"Check This Out">> *"Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter By Simply Supporting Each Other & Immediate Causes Worldwide.
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*Middle East & U.S. East Coast Mega Storms: "Click Here" , "Here" & "Here". Do You Have A Plan "B"? Create A Plan "B" Just In Case You Must Move On From Anywhere Worldwide During "These Critical Times Of Change".

*Order A Law Dictionary, Before Contracting Or Filling Out Applications-"You Need To Know What Words Mean In Everyday Contracting"(You Can Easily Lose Your Freedom By Not Knowing What Words / Language Mean In A Contract Which Includes Filling Out Applications). Remember As We Were All Warned: 
"Anything You Say(Which Includes Contracts) Can And Will Be Held Against You In A Court Of "Contract Law" / "Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse"....
History Has Proven-"Freedom Is Not For Everyone" 
"With Freedom Comes Responsibility"....

(*Law Dictionaries this site recommends: 6th Edition 1st-"Order both if possible"*)

*When creating contracts/incorporating via the United States(Admiralty Maritime Jurisdictions), make sure that you know the language of commercial law. "Purchase A Law Dictionary"- "No Home Should Be Without One" in this now "Global Society".

"Master" and "Servant"->>> Look It Up.....
(You'd be surprised at how you contract to these terms to this very day-"I Promise")

(**Etymological Dictionaries**)-(The Origin Of Words)

*Know the "Origin Of Words" as you will be 
surprised at what you are actually saying verses what you were taught in school. "No Home Should Be Without One".

*"Human Employees Are Being Replaced By Technology"
Make the choice of becoming independent via your Creator & Nationality and getting in control of your financial life the resolution for the "Coming Times Of  Cyber Change".

*"Reports Supporting Layoffs Due To Technological Cyber Changes"* (Your local stores are shutting down)

*   (Over 7,7000 retail stores closed in 2017)




 "Stop Giving Your Local Economy Control Of Your Future!!!"
"Global Climate Conditions Are Changing: Click Here"
"With Desperate Times Comes Desperate Measures"
 *"The World Is Waiting To Trade With You"*
(Ways To Broker Your Services Or Talents via An E.I.N. In The U.S.A.)
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"Lawful Alternative Ways To Make A Living"
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This blog aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in their "Creator" no matter what name you have chosen to name it. "Universal Love & Wealth" belongs to everyone and at every point in our lives we should relish the opportunity to share what we have to offer on a global scale.  

The Days Of Divide And Conquer Has Had It's Day. The Ignorance's Of Being Enslaved To The Material World via The Negative Side Of This Last 2000 Years "Age Of Pisces" Like It Or Not "HAS TO END!!!". Like It Or Not, "We Have To Work Together Worldwide To Survive The Coming Changes". 

"Click Here" To Find "History You Were Not Taught In School" 
"Click Here" To Find "Images Lost During Reconstruction Of History"
"Share", "We Can Do It"!!!!
Have A Wonderful & Prosperous Day,
The TeddyMuur Traveler via AquaMuur Affiliates

Aboriginal Muurs(Moors) Doing Trade And Commerce With The World via Lawful Treaties; See: U.S.-Al Moroccan(N.W. Amexem) "Treaty Of Peace & Friendship 1786-1787" In Forming The Now And Upcoming "New Republic United States of America". The World Is Now Witnessing The Final Stages Of The Organic Completion Of  A New Republic Per The  New Age Of Aquarius. Rites Of Passage; "Be In The World But Not Of It" & "Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice For All Humanity Will Make Us All Whole".
(Very trying principles that we will all worldwide be tested in the value very soon).

*Your HANCOCK/Signature Is Powerful....
The Commercial World Matrix Has Had It's Day People, Let's Work Together "GLOBALLY" To Get Back To A Humanity First Paradigm By Dissolving 
This Commercial First, Roman Paradigm Mentality Governed By Contract / Commercial Roman Law Statues. "No Home Should Not Be Without A Law Dictionary". *Again This Site Warns: 
"Anything You Say(Which Includes Contracts) Can And Will Be Held Against You In A Tribunal Of "Admiralty Contract Law"(Commercial Vessels-Land, Air Or Sea-"Not The Law Of A Landmass")/"Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse"(In Today's Tribunals, An Attorney Re-Presents You As What?). "No Man Is Good Enough To Govern Another Man Without The Other's Consent"-Abraham Lincoln(Gettysburg Address).
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Aboriginal & Help Sites We Support That Heavily Need Our Attention And Donations. If You Know Of A Good Honest Help Organization That's Worth Giving Attention To The World Via This Site, Let Us Know. We'll See What We Can Do To Help Get The Word Out. Thank You.

*"U.S. Veterans" (Whereas Most Of Us Join The Military Thinking It is To Protect A Constitutional Republic To Include Myself, We Veterans Had No Clue As To What We Were Participating In When We Volunteered Our Services To What Most Of The World Know Now Is A Very Corrupt Foreign Interest. Yet After All Is Said And Done, There Are Many Of Us That Truly Need Your Support As Those That Were Damaged By Our Presence Worldwide Also Need "OUR" Support Worldwide. "We Can All Heal As One", Thank You For Your Support) 

"Send Them Something In 
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Something Special"

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The Value Of Having A 2nd 
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In Any Profession.

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